Zakaj bi morali postati MUD študent?

Naši študentje so osebe, ki si želijo postati make-up artist, si želijo nekaj novega in so strastni pri tem, kar počnejo. Kot študent imaš v času šolanja 40% popust v naši MUD trgovini, ki se nahaja takoj zraven učilnice. Po končanem šolanju pa je tvoj popust 30% in velja doživljensko. Popust lahko uveljaviš, kjer koli po svetu v MUD trgovinah.

MUD je poseben, ker ima zraven učilnice tudi Zbornico, kjer se med odmori lahko okrepčaš. Kot MUD študent imaš v času šolanja in po šolanju 30% popust na hrano.

I wanted to get an understanding of make-up, acquire advanced knowledge, receive invaluable experience, and awaken my own creativity. MUD is a choice without competition.

Sergeja Jelenko

I chose the MUD School because I have always been interested in make-up. I wanted to gain real knowledge on a professional level, and it turned out that MUD was the right place.

Sabina Golob

When working with other people, everybody will notice the difference between those who studied at MUD and those who didn’t.Just three words to describe MUD Education: clean, precise, and outstanding.

Carolina Giorgianni

Before choosing MUD I already knew what I wanted from my make-up education: real skills, expertise, and valid connections. Gladly, MUD Studio Milano has brilliantly satisfied all my requests, and now I can be confident and competent of my working experiences any time, thanks to the dedicated people working daily to keep the team solid and efficient.

Giorgia Gervasio