Zakaj bi morali postati MUD-ov študent?

Naš učni načrt, ki je zasnovan na akademskem nivoju za še dodatno izboljšanje učnega procesa, študentom omogoča veliko praktičnega znanja, ki ga bodo uporabili v resničnem svetu. Vsako leto naša šola izobražuje na stotine študentov iz celega sveta, ki se odločijo za različne programe ličenja. Ne glede na to, ali se študent odloči za zahteven program protetike ali za vedno privlačno lepotno ličenje, Make-up Designory vsakomur omogoča edinstveno znanje.

Why decide for MUD? Because it is an internationally school with a big network among the students and locations. So you can make many contacts all over Europe. My impression: professional and high quality training, so you can set yourself apart from other artists.

Enes Dogan

MUD has been my first my choice, and my brand new start.

Iaia Cleo

I think no word could ever express my experience with MUD. But, let’s try with these few words: MUD made me express my biggest talents.

Fabio Cammarata

MUD, in few words? These have been wonderful days, in which every instructor helped the students to develop their own style. Days of arts and passion. Days of happiness and emotions. Days of intensity and growth. Days of practice, practice, practice. Thank you, MUD, for having enhanced my desire of art and colours.

Elena Grifoni

I’ve loved this experience since the first day the school, including the amazing instructors, and the know-how they gave me. I have to say, thank you, for everything that I received during this education program.

Alessia Micaela Villani

I made the decision to attend the MUD Berlin on the basis that professional make-up artists, with many years of international experience, teach there. And, the classes are held in English – this was an additional training experience on top. After graduating, I got many opportunities to test & develop my skills.

Katja Massen