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Odgovorimo na vsa vaša vprašanja

Se zanimate za naše izdelke ali bi želeli obisklati eno od delavnic ličenja? Odlično!

Na spletni strani boste našli veliko uporabnih informacij, ki vas bodo čim bolje usmerjale. Objavili smo tudi najbolj pogosta vprašanja, ki vam bodo v nadaljnjo pomoč. Če še vedno ostaja katero vprašanje neodgovorjeno, nam prosim pišite na info@makeupdesignory.si.

How long does the training take?2016-10-15T22:36:15+02:00
This depends on which program you choose.
You start with the PRO I study? Then take your training 84 hours. Following this day (1 x per week), then take the training 12 weeks. Following the training in the evening (1 x per week), then it takes the program 24 weeks.
Have you been following the PRO and I go for PRO II level? Then its duration depends on each course. This will always appear at the bottom of the course page. Click here for an overview of all PRO II courses.
Do I need to provide models in the classes?2016-10-15T22:31:21+02:00
During the lessons you always work together and switch also constantly. That way, you quickly get acquainted with different facial types and structures.
Can I be absent during the training?2016-10-15T22:17:22+02:00
Make-Up Designory (MUD) is the leading make-up school in America and has several campuses spread across Europe. The success of the school is characterized by the structural way of working. Absent allows only know that it will require a 90% attendance to qualify for a certificate. No cramming be provided.
What to learn on a workshop?2016-10-15T22:33:02+02:00
You can choose from a list of personal looks; (natural, day, evening, business, …) or tell us what your wishes are, and we will teach you.
How much does a workshop cost?2016-10-15T22:34:09+02:00
All attendants at personal workshops are rewarded with free MUD products worth the price of a workshop!  Pay 49€ and get 49€ of free products on top!  Priceless information for affordable prices.
How long does a workshop take?2016-10-15T22:34:31+02:00
The workshops range in duration from one to three and a half hours. The workshops can be offered to one person or a group of people.  You don’t want to do it alone?  Grab a friend, your mother, sister and come learn in a group. It’s going to be even more fun!
Are your products tested on animals?2016-10-15T22:34:58+02:00
We do not use animal testing to develop our products.